Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My post on www.uncultured.com

I am sorry that you had to go through these hate comments. At least I, being from Bangladesh, welcome you to Bangladesh. Currently I am in Toronto, the place you are from. Apart from hate comments, you did not put up some good comments. I am sure you had some.

With the fertile land, Bangladesh; $2 earning per day is a huge income for a lot of Bangladeshi people. Unlike US or Canada, the Government does not highly tax people( no tax at all for these low income groups). The tax in Toronto is 13%(was 15%) on almost everything. Whether one has a job or not, one has to pay taxes(which is a hghe revenue to the Government). The Government can in return fund capital based project(may be your one too).
Car insurance is the highest in Toronto. I was assessed to pay S300 per month to get my car with the only driver being me. Where this huge easy money of insurance goes, even Government does not intervene ostensibly proving how they want to get involved in easy money earning by some favored companies.

As a country Bangladesh is a great country. I say this because I've travelled both east and west. The cost of living is low, climate is extremely favorable. One can live in Bangladesh with US$100(hundred) per month easily. But that applies to locals only. You would not be able to stay in Bangladesh even if you are given US$3000(three thousand) per month. My belief, because you are accustomed to Toronto living.

Any way welcome to Bangladesh. It is a great country. You are welcome to stay at my place when I am in Bangladesh (I am planning to go back to Bangladesh)

Friday, December 05, 2008

Political turmoil in Canada

Yesterday and today the Canadians saw unprecedented political turmoils. Canadians, I am sure, has not seen anything like this for years, maybe in living memory.
The Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, sought the permission of the G-G(which is by the way is Michelle Jeane(I hope my spelling is right), to prorogue the parliament. So no parliamentary session till January 26 of next year. As far as I can remember, just six months back the Canadian Prime Minister was telling the Canadian that unlike the south of the border,
  • the Canadian economy was in strong shape
  • that Canada has surplus budget
  • the Canadian banking system is the best in the world and,
  • our financial institutions are on solid fundamental base.
indicating that the meltdown like that of Lehman Brothers, will not happen here.

Well, so much for his words, six months later, Canadian economy is going towards recession (two consecutive terms of negative growth), the auto sector is crumbling, even telecom giant Nortel is laying off people.

Today, that is the December, 04, 2008 with the parliament prorogued, Stephen Harper faced the press. All the media CBC, Globaltv, citytv, CTV gave coverage to the prime minister's press conference. When it came to the oppositions' press/media conference, only CBC covered the media conference for Jack Layton of NDP and afterwards that of LDP's Stephen Dion.

Are the media biased?